During the week of November 15, Grade 1 students went on their first field trip to a museum! The field trip was organized by their art teacher, Ms. Genova. The trip to the Phillips Collection was meant to inspire students’ creativity through exploration of the lines and colors in the works of Alma Thomas.

Today's Middle School assembly focused on celebrating Native American Heritage Month (November), and was led by Middle School Spanish teacher Angélica Guerrero, her Grade 7 Spanish classes, and Middle School science teacher Amy Tong. Both teachers identify as indigenous; Angélica is from the Muisca (Myska) culture in Colombia, and Amy is from the Polynesian culture in Hawai'i. 

Recently, Grade 9 Theater Arts students put on an original Bunraku performance of a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh story. Bunraku is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater, where three people control one puppet (roughly 3/4 the size of a human) at any time. The students were tasked with writing a short play from a traditional, non-Western folktale. They also had to create their own puppets (from only newspaper and masking tape!), which had to have fully operational necks, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip sockets, knees, and ankles...

Grade 1 French teacher Catherine Krim writes: During our Unit of Inquiry on Investigating Properties (under the Transdisciplinary Theme "How the World Works"), Grade 1 French students inquired about matter and its different properties and states.