On March 19 and 26, the entire Middle School took part in activities in honor of Black History and Women’s History Months. While on campus students watched the film Hidden Figures; students at home participated in the Women of STEM Design Challenge, led by Jaime Chao Mignano and Sonia Chintha.

In a new unit this year, Grade 8 Humanities students have been learning about the history and heritage of transatlantic slave trade in the colonial Americas. Part of the unit is dedicated to learning how enslaved communities in the Americas built lasting cultural practices, like dances and music, as a way of resisting slavery. 

During their most recent Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, Grade 3 students focused on identity. They addressed the importance of knowing and understanding their internal and external characteristics, the way the people perceive them, and their reactions to these perceptions.

Earlier this month, Grade 11 students completed a new assessment for their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course. They were asked to choose one prompt from a given list and display an object of personal relevance or interest that connects to their prompt, along with an explanation of how this object shows TOK manifesting in the world around us.