As part of the kick-off to Remake Learning Days Across America, Grade 11 student Ana Diaz-Young was selected to teach a live lesson involving making. Nominated by Tregaron STEAM Community Coordinator Jaime Chao Mignano, Ana selected a project that her Design Technology class worked on during the spring of 2020.

Recently, Grade 6 students in Sonia Chintha’s English classes finished their first unit of the year, “Humans of WIS,” and learned what it feels like to publish their own writing and receive comments on it from the greater WIS community.

Floreal Pedrazo, the new WIS Athletics Director, has had what can only be described as an interesting start to his new job. Instead of organizing Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC) games for the fall sports teams, he has spent the last several months figuring out how to safely bring students back to the Tregaron campus to participate in small group athletics skills sessions.

During one of her first lessons with her Grade 10 students, new WIS Upper School English teacher Karin Tooze realized that she could make a meaningful connection between the poem her class was studying and our present-day reality.

We are so happy to welcome Allison Ewing to the Upper School as the new Assistant Principal for Grades 9 & 10. Despite only starting at WIS two months ago, Ms. Ewing says she felt at home right away: “I feel like I’ve been working here for the last ten years. It’s a really great feeling. I want to shout it from the rooftops how amazing WIS is. I’m all in!”