Endowments at WIS

Investing in Current and Future Generations

The WIS endowment plays an important role in promoting financial stability and sustainability at WIS. In the near term, the endowment delivers critical budget support for current students, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle for long-term growth to ensure the School will be well equipped to address future priorities and needs. 

Interested donors can donate to existing funds, or establish a named fund as part of the WIS endowment, at any time. Our minimum to establish a named endowed fund is $100,000. Contact Assistant Director of Advancement Systems & Donor Services, Gerad Teague, at 202.283.1816 or gerad.teague@wis.edu to learn more.


As of June 30, 2018, the WIS endowment stands at $6,149,256, and is composed of funds in the following categories:

Program Funds

Programmatic funds support a diverse array of initiatives at WIS, including but not limited to service and learning exchange opportunities, professional development for teachers and staff, climate and environmental studies, and residency programs. 

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds supplement our annual budget for financial aid, allowing WIS flexibility to provide larger awards to a greater number of deserving families. WIS’s financial aid budget for FY2018-19 is $3.5 million, which provides more than 100 students with average grants of $29,500. 

Unrestricted & Quasi Endowment Funds

Unrestricted endowment funds can be used at the School’s discretion to support areas of greatest need. However, to promote expeditious growth and sustainability of the WIS endowment, income from unrestricted funds is currently being reinvested as a permanent addition to the endowment’s principal.


The WIS Endowment has grown from around $30,000 in 2003 to nearly $7 million today. However, it remains small relative to other schools in WIS's cohort. Building a robust Endowment will provide an important financial wellspring for the School, adding additional resources for critical investments in the best faculty and staff, a talented and diverse student body, cutting-edge facilities and technology, professional development and training for teachers and staff, service and learning opportunities, and much more.

Scholarship Funds

The WIS Memorial Fund

The WIS Memorial Fund honors the legacies of departed members of the WIS community and ensures their memories remain as indelible parts of the School. The Memorial Fund supports financial aid at WIS, and is aligned with our goal of promoting socioeconomic diversity by expanding opportunity to more families, regardless of their financial means. 

At present, the Fund memorializes the following late members of the WIS community:

Sam Smith

William P.J. “Sam” Smith was a beloved math teacher and college counselor who came to WIS in 1986. In addition to teaching and advising hundreds of students over the course of his career, Sam was involved in many theatrical productions, extracurricular activities, and community service. Anyone who crossed Sam’s path knows what a truly good person he was, how he treated his students with the respect that allowed many to feel as if he were a friend and not just a teacher. Besides numerous mathematical memories are those of a teacher who worked so hard with students who needed extra help, who came in during his vacations to write that one last college recommendation, of the actor (Mr. Cellophane, in particular!), and, of course, the Converse high tops. 

Jonas Weiss ‘87

Jonas Weiss was a warm, compassionate friend to all, a gentle spirit who is remembered by his personal qualities and goals of promoting diplomatic leadership and general social concern. After he matriculated from WIS, Jonas later graduated from American University before taking a diplomatic post with Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He served at embassies in Belgrade and Moscow, before transferring to Amman, Jordan in 2001. Jonas’s primary area of responsibility was Iraq, and over that summer, he quickly became a familiar face on the Amman diplomatic circuit, freely sharing his observations of life in Baghdad and other parts of the then conflict-affected country. It was his special sort of genuine kindness and concern for others that made Jonas such an esteemed figure among those who knew him.

Sean Hopkins ‘82

Sean Patrick Hopkins was a much-loved member of the WIS community and valedictorian of his class. He went on to study at Georgetown University. Following his death, his father Robert, a career CIA officer, became an advocate in the fight against AIDS. In 1996, Robert wrote a book entitled Sean’s Legacy: An AIDS Awakening. Sean is remembered by his classmates as a gentle leader who exhibited an effusive kindness and humanity, and as a person who had a beneficial effect on others, drawing them to him through his positive outlook on life and affecting them in turn.

The Class of 2006 Scholarship Fund

The Class of 2006 Scholarship Fund was established by the parents of 2006 to honor their children through annual endowment distributions for one half-scholarship.

The Clarice R. & Howard J. Feldman Fund

The Clarice R. & Howard J. Feldman Fund provides scholarships for students who could otherwise not afford to attend WIS.

The DC Scholarship Fund

The DC Scholarship Fund supplements WIS’s general financial aid budget to provide financial aid to students from the District of Columbia who meet nationally established poverty criteria.

The Financial Aid Endowment Fund

The Financial Aid Endowment Fund promotes tuition-independent socioeconomic diversity among the student body, making WIS’ global education accessible to a broad range of students.

The K.G. Lim Memorial Fund

The K.G. Lim Memorial Fund sponsors an eligible Upper School student for one year at WIS. The Fund was established by an anonymous donor in honor of K.G. Lim’s longstanding desire to provide scholarships for students in need.

Program Funds

The Blutinger Family Fund for Climate Change and Environmental Studies

The Blutinger Family Fund for Climate Change and Environmental Studies is intended to strengthen the study of climate change at WIS through the related fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. It seeks to raise awareness for the need to protect the environment, and to educate WIS students on ways in which they can make a difference personally and professionally.

The Richard & Carol Hall Residency Fund

The Richard & Carol Hall Residency Fund honors former Head of School Dick Hall’s commitment to ensuring a stimulating learning environment at WIS. The fund underwrites an annual event, speaker, or performer to allow faculty, staff, students, and their parents from both campuses to join in exploring serious international themes and global issues. The Residency creates exciting opportunities for meaningful shared experiences to increase the sense of internationalism for the entire school community.

The Louise Harper-Schuchat Memorial Fund

The Louise Harper-Schuchat Memorial Fund recognizes former WIS teacher Louise Harper-Schuchat’s dedication to experiential learning as a critical part of a student’s total education, and to the field of anthropology. The fund supports WIS students already receiving financial aid participate in programs which will immerse them in unfamiliar cultures, and which may involve a “service” component. The recipients are expected to enrich the school community in a meaningful way in the year following the end of the program.