Endowments at WIS

Investing in Current and Future Generations

The WIS endowment plays an important role in promoting financial stability and sustainability at WIS. In the near term, the endowment delivers critical budget support for current students, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle for long-term growth to ensure the School will be well equipped to address future priorities and needs. 

Interested donors can donate to existing funds, or establish a named fund as part of the WIS endowment, at any time. Our minimum to establish a named endowed fund is $100,000. Contact Assistant Director of Advancement Systems & Donor Services, Gerad Teague, at 202.283.1816 or gerad.teague@wis.edu to learn more.


As of June 30, 2018, the WIS endowment stands at $6,149,256, and is composed of funds in the following categories:

Program Funds

Programmatic funds support a diverse array of initiatives at WIS, including but not limited to service and learning exchange opportunities, professional development for teachers and staff, climate and environmental studies, and residency programs. 

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds supplement our annual budget for financial aid, allowing WIS flexibility to provide larger awards to a greater number of deserving families. WIS’s financial aid budget for FY2018-19 is $3.5 million, which provides more than 100 students with average grants of $29,500. 

Unrestricted & Quasi Endowment Funds

Unrestricted endowment funds can be used at the School’s discretion to support areas of greatest need. However, to promote expeditious growth and sustainability of the WIS endowment, income from unrestricted funds is currently being reinvested as a permanent addition to the endowment’s principal.


The WIS Endowment has grown from around $30,000 in 2003 to nearly $7 million today. However, it remains small relative to other schools in WIS's cohort. Building a robust Endowment will provide an important financial wellspring for the School, adding additional resources for critical investments in the best faculty and staff, a talented and diverse student body, cutting-edge facilities and technology, professional development and training for teachers and staff, service and learning opportunities, and much more.

Scholarship Funds

Program Funds