Students in Middle School French teacher's Maguelone Esparcel's Grade 6 French class are preparing for "La Semaine de la Francophonie" (Francophone Heritage Month) in March. Mme Esparcel writes: "We have been working on French heritage in Louisiana and in New Orleans and hence, have been seeing the importance of Mardi Gras. I asked students to make a float about an aspect of the Francophone world either relating to Louisiana or to their interest. They will then have to present some facts about their topic and will parade with their float. I will give them some beads for the occasion too." When asked about the significance of the feathers in her design, one student, Saxon, said, "When I lived in Côte d'Ivoire, at lunch break we had peacocks roaming around so we would just pick up the feathers and make art out of them. To me, peacock feathers represent something I love about Côte d'Ivoire! That's why I used them on my float."