School Supplies

Please note there are no special supplies required for students in Preschool through Grade 5, nor do we publish supply lists for Upper School students.

Upper/Middle School Headphones: The Tregaron campus does not have headphones available for lending. All students should plan to use their own headphones as needed.

Middle School General Supplies

All students are assigned a locker (measurements are: 72" high x 14.5" wide x 19.5” deep) with a built-in combination lock. The backpack should fit comfortably into the locker. The School provides each student with an assignment book with the school year letter day schedule. All students should have:

  • A sturdy backpack (rolling or hard frame backpacks are not permitted)
  • A two-inch sturdy binder with sections for: English, math, an elective, humanities (other subjects will provide folders)
  • Five or six dividers for the binder
  • Notebook paper for the binder
  • Six marble composition books (for English, Spanish/French, science, health, French humanities, elective — see color guide below to color-code books by subject)
  • Pencil case with: pencils, blue or black pens, highlighters, pair of scissors, glue stick, pencil sharpener, ruler, erasers (you may need to replenish these supplies throughout the year)
  • Small set of colored pencils
  • Small set of markers in different colors
  • A small, soft gym bag that can fit inside the lockers, for physical education (PE) clothes.
  • An inexpensive scientific calculator
  • One water bottle

We suggest buying a couple of extra binders/folders and notebooks early in the year while there are sales because items will probably be lost over the course of the year.

COLOR CODE for Composition Books: Spanish = YELLOW; English = PURPLE; science = GREEN; math = DARK BLUE; Chinese = RED; French = PINK; humanities = BLACK; electives = ORANGE; health/PE = LIGHT BLUE

Middle School French Students Only

  • Three highlighters in pink, green, and yellow
  • French A and B Students: Lightweight, pink, one-inch poly binder with dividers (SAMPLE HERE) and a composition notebook
  • Grades 6–8 French Humanities: regular size composition book

Middle School Optional Supplies

Some students may benefit from having one or more of the items listed below.

  • Clear plastic sleeves for three-ring binders
  • One marble composition notebook for creative writing in English
  • Pocket folders for three-ring binders
  • Small sticky notes
  • Reinforcements for lined paper
  • A pack of fine-tip markers
  • An insulated lunch box
  • A second charger for an iPad, so the student has one at home and one at school.
  • Headphones (the school does not have headphones for students)

Middle School Physical Education Clothes

The PE department requires all students to have a good pair of sneakers with non-marking soles for INDOOR use as well as a good pair of sneakers for OUTDOOR use. Students should have a full change of clothes: athletic shorts and/or sweat pants, and a WIS t-shirt that can be bought at school in September. Before class, students must change into their PE clothes, and after class, change to their regular clothes. In addition, students should bring a combination lock to secure their belongings.