Middle School Community

The Middle School motto—Explore, Empathize, Connect, Create—is a simple constellation of four words that provide guidance to teachers and students navigating through the middle.

The motto concisely summarizes our philosophy on the role of middle school in advancing understanding both in terms of academics and in terms of character. As a community of learners, WIS Middle School students are encouraged to gaze outward and upward through a global lens, and to question what they see, hear, and know of the world around them. Of course, they are also encouraged to have fun and explore their interests in sports, athletics, arts, and more, through curriculum-based activities and after school.


The Middle School has a House program that fulfills four key goals:

  • To build positive inter-grade relationships;
  • To provide a sense of belonging and connection;
  • To shape positive behavior through healthy competition and House identity; and
  • To foster student leadership.

Middle School Clubs

Clubs form yearly, based on student interests. A sample of clubs includes:

Anime Club
Chinese Culture Club
Diverse Reads
Dungeons & Dragons
Jazz Band
Library Interns & Trainers
The Magic of Marionettes
Maker Mondays
Middle School Dateline
MS Model UN
Roots & Shoots
Take Apart Tuesdays
WIS Film Club