Wellness Initiatives

WIS approaches community health and wellness in a holistic, age-appropriate manner. Adults and children whose mental, emotional, and physical lives are in balance are supported in times of difficulty and have greater opportunities to lead happy, grounded, and fulfilling lives.

Our wellness initiatives emphasize the following:

  • Helping students manage academic pressure.
  • Working proactively through the Primary School, Middle School, and Upper School Student Support Teams to identify students at risk as early as possible. This includes being alert to: poor academic performance, bullying, depression/anxiety, as well as students engaging in behaviors such as drug and alcohol use.
  • Teaching students about the parameters of healthy friendships and relationships.
  • Emphasizing how to maintain wellness through balanced use of technology, physical activity, healthy dietary habits, and proper hygiene.
  • Offering programs that include strategies for managing anxiety and depression.
  • Engaging faculty and staff in professional development to support student wellness initiatives AND offering wellness activities for employees, such as yoga, mindfulness sessions, and social gatherings.
  • Providing resources and programs so parents can better support their children. CLICK HERE for some useful information.