US Student Support

The Upper School Student Support Team is composed of the Upper School Principal, the Upper School Assistant Principals, the Learning Specialist, the School Counselor, and the Nurse. Our University Counselors provide additional support to prepare Upper School students for the next stage of their lives.


Student learning needs are initially identified through individual teacher assessments, student progress meetings, or parental queries. Once a problem is identified, the learning specialist or counselor may conduct a more focused assessment in order to evaluate for possible learning issues. Students can receive academic support at school from their teachers, either of the two learning specialists, or through the following two after school programs:

  • After School Supervised Study: Supervised study provides organized, monitored study time for students, which includes support for organizational and study skills as well as assistance with homework and test preparation.
  • Tutoring: Families wishing to engage tutors should contact the learning specialist, who maintains a list of WIS-approved tutors.


  • A certified professional school counselor provides short-term individual counseling, crisis intervention, psychosocial assessment, and referral to outside services as needed.
  • Advisors meet with students for one hour per eight-day cycle in Grades 6-10, as well as for 10-minutes during homeroom.
  • Along with the division principal, assistant principals, teachers, and advisors, the counselor also provides psycho-education through life skills classes which meet once per eight-day cycle in Grades 9 and 10. Topics covered through these programs include depression and anxiety, relationships, communication, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, stress management, conflict resolution, and sexual health.