Health Information

Each year, all health forms should be submitted via the online Magnus Health Portal, including up-to-date immunization information.


  • Parents will access the Magnus Health Portal by clicking the "Magnus Health" icon on the Parent Portal (login required). You'll be redirected to the Magnus welcome page. (Parents who are unable to log into the Parent Portal should email All of the health forms are available on Magnus, but if you need quick access to forms requiring a doctor's signature, they are available here: UNIVERSAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE, ORAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT, NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE CONSENT, PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE CONSENT (only if your child needs it), ANAPHYLAXIS PLAN (only if your child needs it), ASTHMA PLAN (only if your child needs it).
  • All students new to WIS and all students in Preschool through Grade 12 are required to have an annual physical examination, dental examination, and up-to-date immunizations. A yearly TB risk assessment by your child’s physician is required.
  • WIS has a COVID vaccination mandate for students 12 or older; the District of Columbia also mandates the COVID vaccine for all students participating in school athletics (this would affect 11-year-old students in Grade 6). Vaccinations for children ages 3–11 are strongly recommended (required for athletes as above). 
  • If your child’s healthcare provider practices outside of DC, she/he may not be familiar with the specific immunizations required by DC law. Please have your child’s provider refer to the Immunization Instructions on part 3 of this form so your child’s immunizations are up to date. Please note that any child who does not have the required immunizations by the 20th day of the school year will not be permitted to attend classes on campus.
  • All parents and student athletes are expected to read WIS's Concussion Management Policy.

For questions about health-related issues, contact our school nurses. Middle and Upper School Nurses Molly Foa and Courtenay Begert can be reached at 202.495.7301 or or Our Primary School nurse Jaime Zike can be reached at 202.243.1709 or