Daily Schedules and Attendance

WIS's two campuses operate on slightly different schedules, with classes on the Tregaron (Middle and Upper Schools) Campus beginning at 8:15 AM. Primary School students may arrive as early as 8:00 AM (7:00 AM if enrolled in the Early Arrival program), but the day begins at 8:25 AM for Grades 1–5 and at 8:45 AM for younger students. Please note our inter-campus shuttle schedule is available HERE.

Primary School Schedule


8:00-8:40 AM

8:45 AM

3:00 PM*

3:00-3:15 PM*
Grades 1-5 8:00-8:20 AM 8:25 AM 3:25 PM* 3:35-3:50 PM*

The Primary School follows a ten-day rotating schedule.

Use the iCal feed (http://www.wis.edu/calendar/calendar_364.ics) to add the days to your calendar.
Use this feed (http://www.wis.edu/calendar/calendar_364_gmt.ics) to populate your Google calendar.

*On Wednesday, Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes conclude at 2:30 PM, with dismissal from 2:30-2:45 PM. For Grades 1-5, classes conclude at 2:45 PM with dismissal from 2:45-3:00 PM.

After School Classes/Extended Care

Programs are available until 6:00 PM on regular school days. Visit the Co-Curricular Programs section of the website to learn more.

Middle and Upper Schools Schedule

Grades 6-10 8:00-8:10 AM 8:15 AM 2:50 PM 2:50-3:20 PM*
Grades 11-12 8:00-8:10 AM 8:15 AM 3:45 PM**  

Click here for the daily bell schedule (periods) for Middle and Upper Schools. Or click here for the eight-day rotating letter day schedule.

Use the iCal feed (http://www.wis.edu/calendar/calendar_366.ics) to add letter days to your calendar.
Use this feed (http://www.wis.edu/calendar/calendar_366_gmt.ics) to populate your Google calendar.

* All MS/US students are expected to leave campus at the end of the school day unless they are involved in organized, supervised activities. Middle School students must be off campus by 4:00 PM unless they are participating in a school-sponsored activity, have permission from the MS Dean of Students to be in the Library until 4:00 PM, or are in After School Supervision. Middle School students not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal or the end of an activity will be placed in After School Supervision and parents will be billed accordingly.

** Students in Grades 11-12 have six periods on many days.

Middle School After School Supervision

The Middle School After School Supervision program is available for Middle School students from 4:00-6:00 PM on the Tregaron Campus. Supervisors monitor the students and help them with homework; students may use the Library with permission from the supervisors. Families may enroll their children on a regular or drop-in basis. Please note that After School Supervision does not operate on days when WIS is officially closed, including vacations, Parent Teacher Conferences, and when the School is closed due to inclement weather. On half day professional days, supervision is available until 3:00 PM.

Delayed Openings

In the event of inclement weather, WIS will make its own decision regarding a closure or delay. There will not be a specific announcement about WIS on local radio or TV stations. WIS sends email and text alerts, posts delay/closure information on the website home page, tweets the decision (@WISRedDevils), and posts a push notification on the WIS app, typically before 6:00 AM.

In the event of a two-hour delay, beginning-of-the-day schedules shift by two hours. Administrative staff are expected to report to school by 10:00 AM on snow delay days; exceptions must be approved by the department manager. Unless otherwise specified, all standard dismissal times remain unchanged on delayed-opening days.

Early Dismissal

Half-day professional days take place throughout the year and are indicated on the one-page summary calendar as well as the website calendar. Half day dismissal is at noon.

If the school decides an unplanned early closure is necessary, an email is sent to all parents and an announcement is placed on the WIS website (parents may also sign up to receive a text alert). Detailed information regarding student pick-up and after school programs is included in the email.

Attendance Contact Information

If your Primary School child will be absent, please contact Tony Fletcher at the front desk (tony.fletcher@wis.edu or 202.243.1700) before 9:00 AM; if your child is sick, please also inform the Primary School Nurse Colleen Hackett (202.243.1709 or colleen.hackett@wis.edu).

To report a Middle School student's absence contact Carmen Lluch (carmen.lluch@wis.edu or 202.243.1893) and to report an Upper School student's absence contact Victoria Nomdedeu (victoria.nomdedeu@wis.edu or 202.243.1890). If a Middle or Upper School student will be absent due to illness, please also inform Nurse Molly Foa (molly.foa@wis.edu or 202.495.7301).