Snow Days & Virtual Learning

Announcing Snow Closures

With a school population that includes a significant number of families and employees who live outside of northwest Washington, DC, we need to consider circumstances for the region when making decisions regarding closures and/or delays on snowy/icy mornings. Factors involved include: road conditions, Metro/bus operations, weather predictions, and announcements made by regional school systems and local employers.

If WIS is closed or delayed due to inclement weather and/or snow, we will do the following:

  • Post an announcement on the WIS home page.
  • Send a text/email alert.
  • Send a notification via the WIS App (note: you must enable push notifications in order to receive this).
  • Send a Tweet (follow us on @WISRedDevils).

We will make every effort to post this information as early as possible and no later than 6:00 AM. If WIS does not make a specific announcement using the methods above, school is in session on a regular schedule.


If students are already on campus and we need to announce an early dismissal/mid-day closure, WIS will use the methods noted above. In addition, we will send a broadcast email to all parents.


In the event of ANY unplanned closure—such as a snow/inclement weather day—WIS students are expected to follow the School's virtual learning policy.

  • Optional activities are posted on a student's class page in onCampus (after logging in, click on the child's name and then the name of the class in order to reach the class page). For help with onCampus, please contact Tracy Dodge.  Activities for Primary School children are NOT MANDATORY, as we realize that younger children may require assistance that will not be available when parents are at work.
  • Middle and Upper School faculty who would normally be teaching on a snow day will post online assignments on onCampus by 9:00 AM. Teachers will be checking email and/or onCampus periodically throughout the day to answer questions or provide additional information. The assignments may be new or related to an ongoing project. The expectation is that Middle School assignments will require 30 minutes or less (per class) to complete; Upper School assignments will not exceed 45 minutes.
  • Middle and Upper School students will be expected to complete these virtual learning projects as if they were regular homework assignments; consequences for failing to complete online assignments will be the same as if the work had been assigned during a regular class.