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What are the benefits of speaking multiple languages? Where can I learn more about the IB Diploma Program? What's a Third Culture Kid? The articles on this page help answer those questions and more.
Perspectives on Being Bilingual
In this Washington Post Magazine piece, Educators and students offer thoughts about the positive effect bilingualism has had on their lives.
A Resurgence of Interest in Language Education?
No one at WIS needs convincing about the value of learning more than one language...and this NYT opinion piece advocates for this perspective.

Benefits of Bilingualism on the Aging Brain
We often hear about the benefits of being bilingual for children, but what about benefits for adults? More research is being done in this area, and this article from the Washington Post highlights some recent research on whether speaking two languages can be beneficial as people age.

More Brain Benefits
Take a look at this short article and TED-Ed video about why multilingual people have healthier and more engaged brains.

Innovation in Education
WIS is pleased to be highlighted in this article about innovation in education.

Summarizing Research on Bilingualism
This nprEd selection highlights the fact that there has been an increased volume of research about bilingualism in the past two decades. There's also a good summary of the findings cited in many of the articles on this page.

More Benefits of Bilingualism
The research and analysis continues. In this piece, Gaia Vince discusses many aspects of language learning. And this piece from the Economist publication "1843" explores similar territory.

A Global Childhood
In this Washington Post piece, a mother offers her perspective on the benefits of her son's global upbringing.

Is a Language Immersion Program Right for My Child?
Are you concerned about whether a language immersion program is the right choice for your child? This article addresses some of the key questions about immersion programs.

Bilingual Children and Interpersonal Skills
Two recent studies show that bilingual children, as well as monolingual children with frequent exposure to another language, exhibit superior social and communication skills. Read the New York Times story.

Dual Language Students Are Better Readers
A new study of more than 27,000 children reveals that students enrolled in dual language/immersion programs have stronger reading skills than their peers. Read the Seattle Times story.

College and the IB Diploma Program
A researcher at the University of Wisconsin examined data and discovered that students who complete the IB Diploma Program are more likely to enroll in and graduate from four-year colleges. This Education Week story summarizes the findings.

Pick A Practical Major, Like French
A thoughtful New York Magazine article that points out the growth of French-speaking peoples and ponders the idea of a "practical" course of study.

Advantages of Starting Language Study Early
This article explains aspects of a study indicating advantages of an early start to second language learning.

All About the IB
Trying to understand the IB Diploma Program? This overview in The Telegraph is a useful resource or you may be interested in what a representative from the Stanford University Admissions Office has to say about the IB Diploma Program: watch this video.

Monolingual Myopia
Former Head of School Clayton Lewis wrote a blog entry about the unsettling trend of U.S. students' declining interest in studying second languages. U.S. News & World Report published his commentary. This article from The Atlantic references the same MLA study Clayton wrote about, and concludes, "Languages are a need-to-have."

You are What You Speak
This article touches on essays and research that reveal how multilinguals change their communication style — and even personality — based on the language they are speaking.

The Efficient Brains of Bilinguals
A new study, highlighted in a Washington Post article, revealed differences in brain function between monolingual and bilingual individuals. (For some additional detail, read this information about the study from Northwestern University's website.)

"For a Better Brain, Learn Another Language"
This article from The Atlantic lists many benefits of multilingualism and this New York Times article explains "Why Bilinguals are Smarter."

Dispelling Myths About Multilingualism
The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed a report synthesizing decades of studies exploring how knowing more than one language affects children.

Being a Third Culture Kid at WIS
This story on WAMU focused on WIS and its multicultural community.

"Being Bilingual May Boost your Brain Power"
A story broadcast on NPR discussed the benefits of bilingualism.

Do Americans Need More Than English?
Former Head of School Clayton Lewis was one of several individuals who refuted Dr. Lawrence Summers' (former president of Harvard University) suggestion that investing time in learning a language other than English might not be beneficial. See how he and others responded on this New York Times online forum.

The "Global" Generation
Young people focused on international experience and hoping to change the world may be something new from John Zogby's perspective, but our WIS students have exhibited these characteristics for years!