Below you will find answers to the questions we hear most often. We encourage student athletes (and their parents) to read our Athletics Handbook, which contains general information about WIS athletics, as well as details about our concussion management program.

Where can I find general information about the WIS athletics program?

The Athletics Handbook is available for download above and on the athletics overview page of the website.

What sports does WIS offer and when do the seasons begin and end?

A list of sports by season is available on the Season Schedules page. The fall season is August to early November; the winter season is November to March and the spring season is March to May. There are additional details available in the Athletics Handbook.

Where is the Athletics calendar?

A link to the Athletics calendar is found in the Quicklinks menu or in the Athletics section of the WIS website. The calendar displays each team's scheduled practices and games, as well as times and locations. The Season Schedules page allows users to view schedules by team; just select the season and then the team.

When do tryouts take place each season?

Tryouts/practices for fall sports begin in August, before the first day of school. Specific dates are listed on the Athletics calendar. Please check the website regularly for updates to practice schedules. Winter and spring season tryout/practice dates are also available on the Athletics calendar. NOTE: Dates are not typically listed as "tryouts" — the early practices each season are when team rosters are determined.

What if my child is not in Washington, DC when fall practices begin?

Please notify Tom O'Mara, the Athletics Director (tom.omara@wis.edu) if your child intends to play a fall sport but will not be available for practices prior to the first day of school. The Athletics Director will inform the team coach.

Decisions regarding A or B team rosters (Middle School) or Varsity and JV teams (Upper School) are usually not made until the end of the first week of classes. Still, it is important to get students in playing shape before games begin; the August practices are designed for that purpose. If our athletes are in shape, they are likely to experience fewer injuries.

Are there "B" teams for all Middle School sports?

We try to have B teams whenever the numbers allow and when we are able to identify enough coaches. Many schools with enrollment similar to WIS do not have B teams, so scheduling matches may be challenge. Nonetheless, our goal is to involve as many students as possible in competitive athletics.

My Grade 6 child is on an outside team; should my child leave that team to play WIS sports?

We encourage parents to allow their children to continue playing on outside teams, particularly if the child is entering Grade 6. We want students to play and get game experience and many sixth graders may not be ready for the rigors or challenge of competing with eighth graders. There are exceptions, and we sometimes have Grade 6 players who make strong contributions on our A squads; these students usually possess solid skillsets and the experience of playing with older and stronger players.

Are children playing on outside teams permitted to miss WIS practices and matches?

Our coaches are usually very flexible about a player missing the occasional practice in order to go to an outside team practice or game. However, we expect all players to show 100% commitment to being at WIS games. Missing a league game in order to attend an outside team’s practice should be avoided.

Can my child play more than one sport in a given season?

No, students cannot play on more than one team per season. There is too much overlap between practice and game schedules. We want our players to commit and make the necessary sacrifices that are part of being on a school team.


Tom O'Mara | tom.omara@wis.edu