Athletics Calendar


November 2020: The PVAC met in a virtual setting to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the league’s plans to move forward with our January start date for winter interscholastic competition (Basketball). After discussions, a recognition of current COVID-19 case trends, and unanimous agreement, the Directors decided to postpone the start of winter competition until at least the middle of January, at which point the league will reconvene to assess the viability of moving forward.

August 2020: The PVAC has announced that the fall and winter athletics seasons for 2020 are cancelled. The PVAC will hold abbreviated versions of all three athletics seasons between January and June 2021. We understand the disappointment this decision brings to the WIS community; however we are putting the health and safety of students and coaches first.

The Athletics Department has scheduled opportunities for students to take part in small-group activities/skill sessions. The schedule is available below. Note that sessions have been planned in alignment with the COHORT CALENDAR. If WIS is able to return to on-campus learning, we will not need to change the schedule.


January 2021
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