Athletics Calendar

The calendar below will be updated with practice and game times. All interested athletes are expected to attend August practices as these practices are part of the tryout process for fall sports. Some teams are limited in roster size because of coaching, gym and field time, transportation, etc. Players who are not selected for a team will receive recommendations on how they can improve their skills and conditioning. At the Middle School level, the goal is to take as many students as possible for each team. If there are enough interested students and available coaches, the school will create Middle School "B" teams in order to offer playing time to as many students as possible.

Upper School varsity/JV soccer (girls and boys) and girls varsity/JV volleyball practices begin on August 17. Cross country (co-ed) and girls varsity tennis practices begin on August 24. Middle School soccer (girls and boys), girls volleyball, and cross country (co-ed) practices will begin on Wednesday, August 24. Grade 6 developmental soccer team practices will begin on August 29. Note that the PVAC does not have competition for Middle School girls tennis, but we may organize a girls team for practices in the fall, depending on interest.



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