Visual Arts

During their Grade 12 year, IB Visual Arts students present a portfolio of their work to IB examiners. The artwork is displayed throughout the Academic, Arts & Athletics Building, and community members are invited to a reception/show in the spring. The art on this page includes samples from spring 2021. CLICK HERE to view the Class of 2020's Virtual Exhibit.

From Preschool through Grade 12, WIS students have the opportunity to create art in multiple mediums.

There are art studios on both campuses and visual arts classes are a mandatory part of the curriculum through Grade 8.

Each year, several of our Grades 11-12 students choose to enroll in IB Visual Arts. During this demanding two-year course, students learn techniques in the use of a variety of media and relate art to its historical and social context. Students acquire sufficient technical skills to produce works of quality and an ability to present this work appropriately.

Students who pursue the visual arts at the Diploma Program level have been recruited by some of the top art colleges/universities in the United States.

Grade 11-12 IB Diploma Visual Arts students are featured in a free online course through the National Gallery of Art. The course focuses on using Artful Thinking Routines, developed at Project Zero, to unlock complex thinking in students. Click on the video below to see WIS students in action.

When filming a portion of the online course, NGA instructors were impressed by WIS students' exceptional analytic abilities.