Maker-Centered Learning

Over the last decade, WIS teachers have been deeply involved in bringing maker-centered ideas and methods into their classrooms, starting in Early Childhood and continuing through the Upper School.

Maker-centered learning looks different in each class; it can be creating stop-motion videos to emphasize conservation, deconstructing a three-dimensional globe to make a two-dimensional map, or using everyday objects in a diorama to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a play.

“Like math, making is a universal language. It’s a way to show what you know and put ideas together. It’s also a way to make friends.”

Harry, Grade 8
Photo of Quote About Making
Photo of Student Drawing
Photo of Students Making Mosaics
Poster About Impact of Making
Photo of Mosaic
Photo of Chid Creating Art
Photo of Students in Design Lab

Both WIS campuses have dedicated maker spaces: the Alan Reese Design Lab on the Tregaron Campus, and the Lasseron Design Lab at the Primary School. While maker-centered learning often happens in regular classrooms, these spaces offer teachers and students different resources to enhance learning.

Additionally, through a partnership with Project Zero and Agency by Design, in part funded by the EE Ford Foundation, researchers from have come to offer professional development sessions. 

Student Art About Multiculturalism
Photo of Students in Design Lab