Maker-Centered Learning

Over the last decade, WIS teachers have been deeply involved in bringing maker-centered ideas and methods into their classrooms, starting in Early Childhood and continuing through the Upper School.

Maker-centered learning looks different in each class; it can be creating stop-motion videos to emphasize conservation, deconstructing a three-dimensional globe to make a two-dimensional map, or using everyday objects in a diorama to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a play.

“Like math, making is a universal language. It’s a way to show what you know and put ideas together. It’s also a way to make friends.”

Harry, Grade 8

Both WIS campuses have dedicated maker spaces: the Alan Reese Design Lab on the Tregaron Campus, and the Lasseron Design Lab at the Primary School. While maker-centered learning often happens in regular classrooms, these spaces offer teachers and students different resources to enhance learning.

Additionally, through a partnership with Project Zero and Agency by Design, in part funded by the EE Ford Foundation, researchers from have come to offer professional development sessions.