WIS Alumni



Alumni volunteers embody the spirit of service that is an integral part of the WIS experience. Whether it is helping to engage alumni through regional events and service activities, mentoring current students and young alumni, or raising funds for Annual Giving each year, there are many ways to remain connected to the WIS community.

We are grateful for our global network of volunteers committed to advancing the mission of the School by offering their time and talent on behalf of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents.

See below for a variety of volunteer opportunities and please contact the Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations at 202.243.1674 for more information.


The Alumni Leadership Council plays a critical role in the fulfillment of the Alumni Program’s goal to “empower alumni to be of service to each other, to WIS, and to the world” by leading an informed, enthusiastic, involved, and supportive alumni community that spans the globe.

The Council is comprised of alumni leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to advancing the mission of WIS through their consistent generosity and volunteerism. 

Upon being nominated to the Council, members attend two on-campus meetings each year and actively participate on committees between meetings to advance high-priority projects in close partnership with the Head of School and Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations.

Estimated time commitment: 2+ hours per month; busiest during on-campus meetings from noon Friday to Saturday afternoon in late October / early November and late April / early May


The Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations is always excited to invite alumni back to campus to share their work and wisdom with the WIS community. These visits seek to continue building relationships between alumni, current students and faculty, foster professional networks, and help students think about the transition after graduation.

Alumni Speaker topics this year have included:

  • Consulting Case Study: Problem solving the Bain Consulting way (11th Grade Economics HL)
  • It Starts with a Beat: The science behind a ‘hot’ beat (11th Grade Music HL)
  • The Future of Energy: An industry insider’s take on energy investments (11th Grade Environmental Studies HL)
  • The Future of Work: A policy maker's insight on how WIS prepares students for the working world (WIS Leadership Reception)
  • Becoming an Author: A writer’s reflections on publishing a novel (11th Grade English HL)
  • WIS Alumni Giving Back: A WIS graduate’s perspective on the importance of staying involved and giving back as a WIS alum (12th Grade)

Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per visit


Serving as liaisons between their classmates and the Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations, Class Agents help maintain the integrity of their classmates' contact information so that they may remain up-to-date on school activities, while also providing opportunities for classmates to share their news with the broader WIS community through Class Notes.

Class Agents also play an important role in helping raise funds for Annual Giving by educating their peers on the philanthropic priorities of the School and the benefits of their participation at any level.

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hours per month


Each year, WIS hosts numerous events around the world for alumni to reconnect with friends, broaden their network, and deepen their ties with the School. Regional volunteers offer on-the-ground insight as to where and when to have a local event and serve as hosts for the respective gathering.

Estimated time commitment: 3+ hours per event


Members of a Reunion Planning Committee help contact classmates to encourage them to attend Reunion Weekend in June and update their classmates' contact information accordingly.

Members also work with the Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations to plan the details of their upcoming Reunion, including programming and Reunion fundraising.

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hours per month; busiest from January to June 


Service Project Organizers provide opportunities for alumni to make a positive impact on their communities through volunteering. Organizers assist with contacting organizations that could use volunteer help and coordinating with alumni in their respective region to facilitate a service activity.

Estimated time commitment: Varies depending on organization’s needs