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Alex Russin ’82 Reflects on His Alumni Experience

“For those older alumni like me who may have lost touch with your fellow WIS classmates—who may have moved on from Washington and begun to feel that the common experiences we shared as young students are no longer relevant to our busy adult lives, overfilled with demands from work and our own families—for you, I want to share what a wonderful breath of fresh air it was to reconnect in England with a terrific group of WIS alumni, staff, and leadership this past October at the London Gathering.

Having worked for over twenty years in Latin America, Asia, Armenia, and Jordan, I was never around to be part of WIS events in DC. But having moved to the UK this year, the WIS network somehow found me and, like a warm blanket, reconnected me with new and old classmates and reminded me of how meaningful the experiences we shared so many years ago continue to be.

No matter where you are in life and career, I encourage you take the opportunity to keep your contact info current and, when it comes, accept an invitation to a WIS event. Like me, I hope you will be more than pleasantly surprised by the deep and meaningful feelings you rekindle when you re-connect.”

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