The age of the applicant is an important factor in determining grade placement. The age requirements listed below should be considered when applying to WIS. Applicants from outside the United States may find THIS CHART of grade equivalencies helpful.

Grade applying to:Applicant must be:
Preschool3 years old by September 1
Pre-Kindergarten4 years old by September 1
Kindergarten5 years old by September 1
Grade 16 years old by September 1
Grade 2 and aboveConsidered individually if age differs from the
usual age span of the students in the class.

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How many students attend WIS?

WIS enrolls about 900 students each year. For Kindergarten through Grade 12, there are 60-72 students per grade. Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten have one Spanish and one French section for each grade.

What grades are available at WIS? Is it co-ed?

WIS is a co-ed day school for children in Preschool (beginning at age 3) through Grade 12.

How many campuses are there?

WIS has two campuses. The Primary School campus is in Georgetown; students in Preschool through Grade 5 attend classes on this campus. The Tregaron Campus in Cleveland Park is home for our Grades 6-8 (Middle School) and Grades 9-12 (Upper School) students.

What is the average class size?

The Primary School average class size is 16. The Middle School average class size is 14. The Upper School average class size is 10.

What are the school hours?

Early Years (Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten) students start class at 8:45 AM; Grades 1-5 students start class at 8:25 AM and Grades 6-12 students start class at 8:15 AM. All students should arrive on campus prior to the class start times. Arrival and dismissal times for all grades are listed on this page.

Does WIS have a school uniform?

WIS students do not wear uniforms, but they are expected to dress respectfully, in accordance with the dress code outlined in the Community Handbook.

Does WIS provide bus service?

WIS does NOT offer bus service, but there is a shuttle between our two campuses. The shuttle may be used by children five years and older. The shuttle runs according to the schedule below.


PS to Tregaron

Tregaron to PS

departs 7:45 AM; arrives 8:00 AM

departs 8:05 AM; arrives 8:20 AM


Tregaron to PS

PS to Tregaron

departs 3:15 PM; arrives 3:30 PM

departs 3:45 PM; arrives 4:00 PM

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WIS is a mission-driven school that celebrates the diversity of our community. All students are educated in more than one language, but fluency is not required to apply. To learn more about the benefits of language immersion, CLICK HERE.

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