Thank you for your interest in WIS!


The Admissions Team was very excited to announce our 2024-2025 admissions decisions on March 1. We look forward to welcoming all the newly-admitted students and parents to WIS!

Regarding the 2024-2025 school year, at this time we anticipate that the Tregaron Campus (Grades 6-12) will be completely full; it is highly unlikely that additional spaces will become available. At the Primary School (Preschool to Grade 5), we have a few spaces in select grades, in select language programs. If you are interested in the Primary School, please contact the Admissions Office to discuss space availability. You are also welcome to complete an online “late application,” in the event that additional spaces open up.

The team can be reached at 202.243.1815 and

Best wishes,

Mary Hastings Moore
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid


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