Primary School

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) is the framework for organization of the Primary School curriculum. The PYP is driven by concept acquisition and is inquiry-based. Students explore topics in mathematics; science and technology; languages; social studies; arts; and personal, social, and physical education. Students in the Primary School study and explore these areas in two languages.

In working out answers, children build skills such as reading, reasoning, researching, and communicating. Along with strong academics, WIS concentrates on developing the whole child. The PYP promotes positive attitudes and good character. We emphasize traits such as respect, empathy, integrity, and confidence and encourage students to reflect, choose wisely, and act responsibly with other children and their teachers, as well as in the wider community.

As a culminating and collaborative activity of the PYP, Grade 5 students design and execute a whole-class project, including written work, oral presentations, technology, and art performances and projects. The Grade 5 Exhibition challenges students to analyze and propose solutions to real-world issues, drawing from what they have learned during their PYP years.

Overviews by Grade

Primary School Leadership

Photo of Lynda Miller

Lynda Miller, Primary School Principal

Photo of Sava Vrbaski

Sava Vrbaski, Primary School Assistant Principal

Photo of Lisa McNeill

Lisa McNeill, Primary School Assistant Principal

Photo of Stephanie Sneed

Stephanie Sneed, Primary School Director of Teaching & Learning and PYP Coordinator



PYP Informational Graphic
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile comprises 10 characteristics: