The Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School aims to enhance the capacity of educators across the Washington, DC, region to create classroom cultures that support deep learning and engage the world. In building upon WIS’s role as a leader in international education, the PD Collaborative’s ultimate goal is to make the nation’s capital city a model for creative thinking and innovation in education, worthy of replication across the country.


For over a decade, Washington International School has been recognized for fostering groundbreaking collaborations across the region and for being a school that excels at implementing Project Zero ideas and practices. As a logical extension of these efforts, WIS launched the Professional Development Collaborative in August 2016.

The PD Collaborative recognizes that, while education begins with learning valuable skills and knowledge, in today’s world, schools have a responsibility to do much, much more. Educators must strive to build students’ character and to teach for understanding—of meaningful content, of connections across subject areas, of complex global issues. Putting skills and knowledge to use in attempting to solve significant problems is the hallmark of a learner who demonstrates global competence.


The PD Collaborative works to deepen and broaden DC-area educators’ capacity to inspire deep thinking in learners, to educate for global competence, and to share best practices with the community at large. Our role is three-fold:

  1. Organize high-quality professional development events;

  2. Convene educators from all sectors of the educational landscape; and

  3. Build and sustain a network of committed professionals beyond any single professional development event.

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Photo of PDC Program
Photo of PDC Program