Grade 2 English teacher Jaana Torhonen is coaching an online Agency by Design course and STEAM Community Coordinator Jaime Chao-Mignano is writing a blog on the AbD website.

A number of WIS teachers are participating in a learning group to explore options for injecting maker-based learning into the curriculum. Digital Arts teacher Kerri Redding, Director of the PDC @WIS Jim Reese and French teacher Anne Leflot are also leading learning groups for DC public school teachers.

Upper School science teacher Emily Veres collaborated with teachers from around the world to update the IB Diploma Program biology curriculum.

Grades 6-12 Director of Teacher and Learning Carole Geneix and Director of the PDS @WIS Jim Reese presented at the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference.

Preschool French teacher Sarah Hair is leading the local Project Zero initiative PZ in Another Language.

Preschool French teacher Sarah Hair, Pre-Kindergarten Spanish teacher Mabel Ramirez, and Primary School Spanish Instructional Support teacher Dolores Virasoro presented at the Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Language (GWATFL) Conference in October 2018.

University Counselor Pam Joos was selected to attend the International Guidance Counsellor Conference at Cambridge University, UK. There were over 250 applicants; 20 finalists attended.

At the 4th Annual Maker Educator Convening in San Jose, CA, Upper School French teacher Anne Leflot co-presented a workshop on Making across the Curriculum with Project Zero principal investigator Edward Clapp.

At the 2018 People of Color Conference, STEAM Community Coordinator Jaime Chao Mignano and Digital Design teacher Mark Perkins presented a workshop on Taking Apart the Concept of Racism. Digital Arts teacher Kerri Redding presented a workshop on Reclaiming Innovation.

Lifelong Learners

Faculty learning groups take place regularly and allow teachers to explore best practices and learn from one another.


From a WIS alumnus: [My teachers] were there unconditionally to help me get through the difficulties I faced with the IB. They always had a positive attitude and I really appreciated that, and still do.

Native Speakers

Our French, Spanish, and Mandarin teachers are all native speakers; most WIS teachers speak at least two languages.

Citizens of the World

WIS teachers come from more than 30 countries; their experiences support our students' cultural fluency.

Fast Facts

Over 70% of WIS teachers have advanced degrees; 36% have been at WIS for 10 years or more.