21 Society

At the conclusion of the 2009-2010 school year, WIS introduced a new tradition: The Twenty-One Society. A plaque on the wall of the Mansion Foyer celebrates the faculty and staff who have worked at WIS for 21 years or more. Amazingly, there are four individuals who have worked at WIS for over 40 years!

 Sonja Cowie (1968-1998)  Gilbert Chow (1987-2014)
 Carmen Escobar (1968-1995)  Dorrie Fuchs (1987-2008)
 Nadia Galal (1968-1992)  Beatrice Ferrant (1988)
 Elaine Greenstone (1971-2004)  James Martin (1988)
 Khin Khin Sein (1971-1997)  Graciela Quiroga (1988-2017)
 Preani Perera (1973-2017)  Gundelino Redilla (1988-2013)
 Glynis Scott (1973-2005)  Sushmita Vargo (1988)
 Larry Vincent (1973-2009)  Vaijayanti Wagle (1988-2016)
 Annie Gubser (1974-2015)  Annette Zamula (1988)
 Raquel Loser (1974-2003)  Laura Rodriguez (1989-2014)
 Ines Ceppa (1975-2015)  Colin Buck (1990)
 Joicey Granados (1975-1998)  Leo Divinsky (1990-2018)
 Elena Mayo (1975-2010)  Kevin Ekanayake (1990-2011)
 Mary McCarty (1975-2002)  Patricia Hollis (1990-2012)
 Françoise Remington (1975-2011)   Mary Knautz (1990-2011)
 Zulema Franceschini (1975-2011)  Rita Adhikari (1990-2019)
 Joëlle Noël (1977-2019)  Dominique Imbert (1992)
 Mary Poole (1977-2002)  Kate Meenan-Waugh (1992-2013)
 Thomas O'Mara (1978)  Michele Broadie (1993-2014)
 Sandra Bourne (1979-2010)  Barbara Kaplan (1993-2015)
 Roy Broughton (1979-2005)  Alan Reese (1993-2014)
 Carole Falvo (1980-2008)  Samia Belguedj (1994-2018)
 Firoze Khan (1980-2009)  Jan van de Riet (1994)
 Leith Bernard (1981-2015)  Senait Tessema (1995)
 Patricia Rumbaugh (1981-2011)  Bertrand Guitton (1995)
 Rosario Bañales (1982-2003)  John Crocker (1995)
 Gareth Vaughan (1982-2008)  Louisa Dugan (1995-2017)
 Jennifer Brawer (1983-2010)  Weston Thomas (1995-2018)
 Patricia Diaz-Paul (1983-2006)  Vyanne Samuels (1996)
 Thomas Heilman (1983)  Nancy Totten (1996-2017)
 David Merkel (1983-2012)  Gema Leon (1997)
 Josée Band (1984-2008)  Ana Andura (1997)
 Catherine Bell (1985-2015)  Nydia Marcela Castillo (1997)
 Stephen Hoare (1985-2015)   Doris Clingman (1998)
 Carmen Lluch (1985)  Christian Delair (1998)
 Thaliee Pelaez (1986-2010)  Mabel Ramirez (1998)
 Jean Talley (1986-2015)  Viviane Zaho (1998)
 Tina Thuermer (1986-2017)  

Individuals in bold still work at WIS; individuals in italics are deceased.

International Dinner

In November, WIS parents gather in the Tregaron Mansion for an international pot-luck. Attendees are asked to bring an entree, side dish, or dessert that represents their culture, creating a feast of nations. 

Tregaron Grill

Each Friday, parents arrive on the Tregaron campus to start cooking and serving lunch. Poor weather never stops them; much like the US Postal Service, they are there through rain, sleet, snow, and overwhelming heat to sell burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, deserts, and weekly specials to our students, faculty, and staff.

WISPA Lunches for Faculty and Staff

Several times a year, WISPA (WIS Parents Association) provides lunch for the WIS faculty and staff on both campuses, usually on days when parent-teacher conferences are held. They also organize holiday luncheons for faculty and staff before everyone departs for Winter Break. 

Sports Day

Sports Day began in 1983 thanks to Pat Rumbaugh, former tennis coach and physical education instructor at WIS. The main goal is to build community among grade levels and learn how to work as a team.

Sixteen teams (made up of students in every grade of Middle and Upper School and various faculty and staff) participate in a variety of games and activities to try and win points and bragging rights for the rest of the year. While new activities are added each year (including the 2018 addition of a maker-inspired challenge), the most popular games are still building a human pyramid and the final game of the day: tug-of-war.

Seniors First Day at School

On the first day of school, WIS Seniors dress to impress! Girls wear white dresses or outfits, while boys wear a coat and tie. 

Valentine's Day

Each year on February 14, WIS Seniors like to spread cheer and love (and maybe disrupt classes) throughout the Tregaron campus. They dress in varying shades of red and pink, decorate their faces, and don colorful accessories to deliver candy, flowers, balloons, and songs to students and staff.


As their last official event as WIS students, Grade 12 Graduation is full of the students' personal touches. Each year, the students vote on the color of the gowns they will wear, the processional and recessional music, and the members of their class who will speak and perform during the ceremony. Additionally, flags that represent the graduates' nationalities are hung throughout the gym. After receiving their diplomas, graduates sign "the book," which hold the names of every WIS graduate in the School's history.

Flower Day

To brighten the lives of the teachers who dedicate so much time and energy to our primary school students, one day each spring parents bring in armloads of flowers and arrange a vase to deliver to each classroom.

Grade 8 Trips

A Middle School rite-of-passage is the annual language trip, which takes place right before Spring Break in March. Students and faculty depart for ten days of immersion in Paris, France or Lima, Peru. Students are hosted by the correspondents they met in the fall, when they visited Washington for their language trips! Students often cite these trips as one of the highlights of their WIS careers.

Middle School Houses

In the spring of 2017, the Middle School introduced a House Program. Looking for new ways to engage the students, and keeping the Middle School Motto (Explore, Connect, Empathize, Create) in mind, six Houses have been created; each House includes an Advisory from each of the Middle School grades.

Each House is in competition to hold the House Cup, which is awarded at the end of each academic quarter. The Cup is a large trophy with the House Creed engraved on it:

Unite across grade levels.
Participate fully.
Be good sports.
Honor your house identity.

Grade 5 Parent/Faculty vs. Student Basketball

On a Friday afternoon in May, Grade 5 students and their families head to the Tregaron gym for the annual basketball game against their parents and WIS faculty members. The students also raise money at the game by selling snacks and asking for donations. Some of these funds contribute to a class gift to the Primary School; the remainder are donated to a non-profit organization chosen by the students.

PS Principal for a Day

One of the most popular items up for grabs at the annual WIS auction is the chance for a Primary School student to become Principal for a day! Each year, the student who wins this special treat spends the entire day with the Primary School Principal, learning what it's like to run a successful school! They may get to make announcements over the PA system, call for extra recess for their classmates, visit offices where students don't normally have access, and meet students in every grade.

PS Halloween Parade

On Halloween, Primary School students are allowed to wear their costumes to school and participate in a parade around the soccer field. Parents often stay after drop-off to watch the parade and take photos. Students in Grades 1-5 head to the field first, followed by the Early Years classes. 

Special Persons Day

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Primary School students welcome special guests to their classrooms. Students can invite their grandparents or other special people in their lives to the Primary School for an assembly and snacks. After the assembly, students bring their guests to their classrooms, where they complete an activity together. It's a wonderful way to begin Thanksgiving break!