Our mission is to be an exemplary learning community—enriched by differences, informed through inquiry, global in reach.


Notre mission est d’être une communauté d’apprentissage exemplaire, enrichie de différences, informée par l’enquête et d’une portée mondiale.


我们的使命是成为一个模范的学习社区 — 因异而富, 因询而知, 可达全球.


Nuestra misión es ser una comunidad ejemplar de aprendizaje enriquecida por las diferencias, informada a través de la investigación y de alcance mundial.


Inquiry-Based Learning

WIS students investigate the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology through a rigorous, visionary, research-based curriculum inspired by academic innovators worldwide.

Global Perspective

WIS students learn two or more languages, embrace diverse cultures and viewpoints, and have the ability and confidence to navigate a complex world.

Individual Responsibility

WIS students pursue community engagement and demonstrate empathy, honesty, and civility.