WIS is located on two beautiful campuses in northwest Washington, DC.

The Primary School (Preschool through Grade 5) is housed in a building constructed in 1998 and expanded in 2011, located in Georgetown at the corner of Reservoir Road and 36th Street NW. The campus occupies a full city block and offers, in addition to light-filled, roomy classrooms, a colorful library with children's book collections in English, French, and Spanish; the Lasseron Design Lab; an art room; music rooms; a multipurpose room; and a gymnasium. Outdoor facilities include a field, two separate areas with playground equipment, and a paved surface for ball games and other activities.

The Middle and Upper Schools are located on the Tregaron Campus, six wooded acres in Cleveland Park. Formerly a residential estate (the remainder of which is carefully maintained by the Tregaron Conservancy), the campus includes seven buildings; many of the historic buildings were rehabilitated in the summers of 2013 and 2014. In addition to classrooms, there are seven science laboratories; a multipurpose auditorium; a black box theater; music and art rooms; computer labs; a library; and the Alan Reese Design Lab. Outdoor facilities include a soccer field and basketball court.

We believe environmental stewardship is the responsibility of every citizen of the world. As a school, we support sustainability and hope to foster this consciousness in our students.
Sustainable efforts at WIS include:
  • Investment in renewable energy credits commensurate with 100% of WIS's power use. The REC's support demand for new, clean wind power. 
  • A green roof on the extension of our Primary School completed in 2011, which improves thermal performance and reduces surface runoff.
  • Geothermal power for our historic Mansion, on the Tregaron Campus.
  • Interior storm sashes to increase energy efficiency of the Mansion's historic windows.
  • A recycling program, incorporating student involvement via the Middle School Roots and Shoots club.