We invite you to view the 2020 Strategic Plan.

WIS Strategic Planning Task Force

Marc Williamson, Board Chair
Suzanna Jemsby, Head of School
Katherine Kinsella
Kleber Santos


Strategic Planning is a core responsibility of the WIS Board of Trustees, which is a fiduciary body responsible for the long-term success of the School in achieving its mission. A Board-appointed Task Force developed the Plan, utilizing inputs from hundreds of members of our community—parents, students, teachers, staff, and alumni—and analysis by the school’s expert administrators. 

The plan provides strategic direction for our School. It defines key priorities, but does not mandate operational efforts, as these are the responsibility of the Head of School and her team.

WIS has already begun work on achieving some of the objectives outlined in this Plan, and other goals will evolve over time. Fulfilling the School's educational promise remains the foremost objective, to ensure WIS remains true to its founding mission.

Thank you to all who were involved in creating this plan, and who will help fulfill the priorities outlined within.

Strategic Planning Task Force