Ways to Give

Other ways to make gifts that yield immediate benefits to WIS include:


Gifts of low-yielding securities, real estate, collectibles, and other similar properties can provide a tax-efficient way to make meaningful gifts with little or no effect on your current spendable income. When you give appropriate property you have owned longer than one year, you are entitled to an income tax deduction for the full value of the asset, not just the amount you paid for it. All capital gains tax that would be due on a sale of the property is avoided. Gifts of appreciated assets may be deducted in an amount up to 30% of your adjusted gross income each year. Please call the Advancement Office at (202) 243-1856 if you have property you would like to donate to the School.


One of the most satisfactory ways for a donor to give a gift to the Washington International School, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is to use appreciated stock. Giving stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares that have increased in value (and which the donor has owned for more than one year) provides greater tax benefits to the donor than giving cash. The donor can not only deduct the full market value of the securities but can also avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.


Thank you for your interest in making a gift of appreciated stock to Washington International School. Giving stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares that have increased in value (and which the donor has owned for more than one year) provides greater tax benefits to the donor than giving cash. The donor can not only deduct the full market value of the securities, but also avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Instructions for Giving Stock to WIS

So we can process your contribution in a timely and efficient manner, please provide the Director of Advancement at WIS with the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Number of shares and description of the security
  • Any specific purpose for your gift

The donor’s broker should transfer the stock into the School’s account:

  • Credit Account Number: 656-198190
  • Credit Account Name: Washington International School
  • Delivery Trust Company (DTC) No. 0226
  • For Credit to Brokerage Firm: National Financial Services, LLC
  • Contact: Zoraida Rosa (305) 677-6693 zoraida@gentrustwm.com
The School’s Federal Identification Number (FID) is 52-0822-077. The stock will then be sold immediately.


    • If a transfer to the School’s brokerage account is not possible, the donor’s broker should become an agent for the School and set up an account for WIS and sell the stock immediately.
    • If a transfer using stock certificates is unavoidable, the donor should send unendorsed certificates by regular first class mail along with a letter of transmittal signed by the owner to the Director of Advancement. Under separate cover, the donor should mail a signed stock power executed in blank for each security along with a copy of the letter of transmittal. The donor should not fill in the School’s name as transferee on either the stock certificates or stock power.
    • Securities that have decreased in value should first be sold by the donor and the cash proceeds given to the School. The donor then can deduct the capital loss to offset any capital gain.


    The gift value for Internal Revenue Service declaration will be the average of the high and low selling price of the stock or bond on the date of the gift. An increase in value after the date of the gift and before sale will accrue to the School: a loss will be absorbed by the School as a cost of doing business.


    Contact Karin Boteler at karin.boteler@wis.edu to learn how you can make a pledge.


    Cathya Wing Stephenson Planned Giving Society

    The Board of Trustees established the Cathya Wing Stephenson Society to recognize donors who have included WIS in their wills. As co-founder of Washington International School and one of its major donors since 1966, Mrs. Stephenson is a leader in international education for world citizenship.

    To perpetuate the School's mission into the future, she has included WIS in her will, designating her bequest for Financial Aid. Her belief that an international education should be available to a large cross-section of Washington, DC students carries the School forward and continues to inspire our community. Since Mrs. Stephenson made her estate gift to WIS, many alumni, faculty, parents, and friends have chosen to follow in her footsteps by providing for the School in their estates.

    If you have made a provision in your will that benefits WIS, please contact the Advancement Office so WIS can welcome you into the Cathya Wing Stephenson Society and celebrate your commitment to the School.

    The Advancement Office staff is happy to work with donors to create a plan for giving that benefits both the donor and the School. If you or your financial advisor has a question about Planned Giving at WIS, please contact the Advancement Office.

    The following individuals have indicated they will remember WIS in their wills.

    Anonymous Faculty Member
    Stefania Berla & David Schlitz
    Kyra Cheremeteff & Thomas Richardson
    Dorothy L. Downing
    Georgia & Christian Eigen-Zucchi
    LaNeil Gregory
    Carol and Richard Hall
    Audrey and Ron Hoffer
    Kathy Kemper
    Olivier LeGrain & Natacha Mottart
    M. Gema Leon
    Russell Craig Lindner
    Miriam Huger Lindner
    Raissa Nicholson
    Malcolm E. Peabody
    Anne-Marie Pierce
    Ann D. Schmidt
    Richard M. Schmidt, Jr.
    Mary Southard
    Cathya Wing Stephenson
    Barbara Taft
    Robert C. Zimmer