There are few summertime experiences that offer as many opportunities for growth and development as camp.

Research tells us that camp experiences are distinct from other learning environments because kids learn skills at camp that they do not learn in the same way at school. At WIS Summer Camp, we want our campers to enjoy a great camp experience while acquiring transferable skills. We challenge campers to learn about themselves and others in a safe, inclusive, and diverse community where shared responsibility and respect are considered core values.

Our camp is staffed by dedicated individuals who are focused on delivering a rich and distinct experience to every camper who joins us for the summer. Our team strives to support positive social and emotional growth and to create an innovative and engaging learning environment that gives campers a chance to develop or increase language proficiency, to build and create things, to exercise their brains and bodies, and to make new friends.

The WIS camp experience is guided by the School’s mission to be an exemplary learning community—enriched by differences, informed through inquiry, global in reach. We look forward to having you join us for WIS Summer Camp 2019!

David Sarpal, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Summer Camp Director