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Summer Specialty Camps offer hands-on opportunities to learn and have fun. Learn more about our options by clicking below.

Young Voyagers | Ages 3 to 5

Full Day | 8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Half Day | 8:45 AM–12:00 PM

Weekly, June 24–August 2

Each Young Voyager week is organized around a theme that encourages investigation, inquiry, experimentation, and discovery through individual and group activities. Music, creative arts, water play, literature, movement and games, science and technology, and outdoor activities are all part of the fun for our youngest campers. Early Years teachers and assistants work together and teach lessons in English to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning, having fun, and making friends.

For Summer Camp 2019, the Young Voyagers will be located at the Georgetown Campus for the duration of camp and this camp will run concurrently with Transportation Week.

Voyagers | Ages 6 to 12

Full Day | 8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Weekly, June 24–July 26

At WIS Summer Camp, Voyagers learn how to cook, program a robot, write code, make 3D art, or discover new ways to move through dance, to imagine through architecture, or to tell stories using film. Campers develop their skills individually or collaborate as a group in order to succeed at various challenges. Each week, campers choose two workshops from six options. Each workshop encompasses a wide range of activities related to a central theme. Swimming, other sports, and games are also part of the program. Each week, campers are divided into two age groups—6-8 and 9-12—and sign up for two week-long workshops. Each week there are three choices for the morning and three choices for the afternoon. (Expand the first bar below to see the grid for AM/PM selections.) Campers can also choose to combine a language immersion class in the morning with a Voyager course in the afternoon.

Voyager Workshop Options



JUNE 24-28

JULY 1-5

JULY 8-12

JULY 15-19

JULY 22-26

Mosaics Robotics 3D Arts Business Sharks Ceramics Robotics Anatomy Academy Coding Scratch Filmmaking
Global Cooking LEGO Civics Robotics Global Cooking Global Cooking Metro Explorers Kids Inventing Stuff Photography Musical Theater Future House
Multisport Soccer Tennis Soccer Basketball Tennis Tennis Fencing Fencing Multisport
Robotics Mosaics Business Sharks 3D Arts Robotics Ceramics Scratch Anatomy Academy Filmmaking Coding
LEGO Civics Global Cooking Global Cooking Robotics Metro Explorers Global Cooking Photography Kids Inventing Stuff Future House Musical Theater
Soccer Multisport Soccer Tennis Tennis Basketball Fencing Tennis Multisport Fencing

3-D Arts | July 1-5

Three-dimensional (3-D) art is about making things that take up space. Campers work with clay to create ceramic sculptures, mugs, elaborate bowls, or even miniature rooms or zany sculptures. Using tiles or glass, students will use their imagination to create fashion jewelry pieces or anything they feel inspired to bring into the world.

Anatomy Academy | July 15-19

Campers will take a journey into the human body as they examine their heaviest organ (their skin!), find out how to improve their memories, and learn how the heart pumps blood. They will continue the fun in the lab as they grow polymer brains, examine a real sheep heart, make a model lung, and extract DNA from a banana.

Basketball | July 8-12

The basketball program enables aspiring players to learn the basics of the sport or improve their game play and further develop skills. Camp sessions combine fundamental skills and organized team competition, with the goal of providing an enriching athletic experience. Campers will practice skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defending, all while learning how to work as a team.

Business Sharks | July 1-5

In the Business Sharks session, campers become entrepreneurs. They start with the germ of an idea for a business and product and work through the process of developing prototypes, formulating a business plan, and devising a marketing strategy. Campers also learn about concepts such as business plans, profits, and branding through designing print ads, acting in TV commercials, researching real estate locations, and designing storefronts. The class concludes with the young executives pitching their ideas to a "Shark Tank" of parents and staff.

Ceramics | July 8-12

In this introductory class, campers will get messy by working with clay and firing creations to turn them into ceramic pieces. During this week-long course, campers will finish a project using techniques such as pinch pot, coil forming, and slab construction. Campers will also be working with under-glazes, which give them the opportunity to learn about color harmony and decorative techniques.

Coding | July 15-19; July 22-26

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer, is known to have said, “I think everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Campers who enjoy working with computers, putting together character animations, and designing their own games become comfortable with the language of coding in this session. At the end of the class they will share their work and creations online. Please note that this class is only available for campers ages 9-13.

Fencing | July 15-19; July 22-26

En Garde! Aspiring pirates, musketeers, and Jedi now have the chance to explore a history-rich sport that combines athleticism and intellect. Fencing teaches creative problem-solving and discipline; fencers are able to apply their acquired skills and confidence to other sports, studies, and life. Instructors with decades of experience teaching Introduction to Fencing classes will provide individual attention to develop personal potential and ensure campers learn and have fun in a structured and safe environment. Teaching assistants will be selected from nationally ranked fencers. All equipment is provided.

Filmmaking | July 22-26

Lights! Camera! Action! Filmmaking teaches campers the science behind the art. Using technology and software, students get to work with their own production crew to plan, create, edit, and showcase a short film. They also learn how to use video transitions, some filming techniques, and acquire industry language that might launch their journeys to professional filmmaking.

Future House | July 22-26

What will life on Earth be like a century from now? In the Future House class, campers will imagine and design a LEGO model of a home for the year 2119. First, they will study what daily life was like one hundred years ago and then pivot to consider how life might change one hundred years in the future. They will study the writings of futurists, learn about new "smart homes," and consider what phones, stoves, sofas, televisions, and cars might look like a century from now. Campers will use math, writing, and presentation skills as they draw up an extensive blueprint of their future house, compose a "Day in the Life" story that takes place in 2119, and work with geometric calculations as they design their blueprint.

Global Cooking: Grilling Around the World | June 24-28; July 1-5; July 8-12

Using an outdoor grill as a kitchen, this summer young chefs will enjoy chopping up vegetables, mixing flavors, and assembling attractive grilled dishes from around the globe. In Global Cooking, campers will go on a culinary journey to faraway places and share the exotic flavors of recipes from around the world, including U.S. regional cuisines. They will learn the basics in kitchen safety, proper food handling, cooking and baking techniques, presentation, and table setting, while enjoying each other’s company as they share a meal.

Kids Inventing Stuff | July 15-19

Kids Inventing Stuff is a space where campers are inspired through a series of activities and projects that lead to innovative creations. To become resourceful problem solvers, campers collaborate through a number of challenges using basic household materials and initial guidance. Participants are exposed to a world of problem-solving possibilities and learn the rudiments of engineering while working collaboratively.

LEGO Civics Project | June 24-28

As our campers build a fully-planned and intricately-designed LEGO city, they will also learn to govern it. Campers will learn about elections, constitutions, flags, currency, budgets, and the environment as they serve on a city council which must make key governing decisions. Campers will also have the opportunity to run for mayor, open their own business, debate city issues, and respond to natural disasters and citizen concerns. Social studies, history, and civics have never been so fun!

Metro Explorers | July 8-12

Campers will learn math, economics, civics, geometry, and technology as they work together to create a city within a virtual Minecraft world. Minecraft is a limitless platform for students to learn academic skills in a highly engaging virtual environment. In this problem-solving class, students will design their own house and business as they learn about budgeting, profit and loss, and supply and demand. As they serve on a city council, they will study how laws are made and work together to create and vote on a city constitution of laws. Students will use mathematics and geometry to construct a working urban environment.

Mosaics | June 24-28

Mosaics are pictures or patterns produced by arranging small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. Campers in this program will use found materials such as broken tiles, dishes, and porcelain, setting them into surfaces with mortar and plaster to assemble new creations. This artistic form requires careful planning, attentive assembly, and working in teams collaboratively to resolve problems and produce stunning artistic creations.

Multisport | June 24-28; July 22-26

Kick, pass, shoot, and score! Multisport workshop offers something for everyone. From team games to backyard games, this workshop will introduce the kids to a variety of different activities. Backyard games include: cornhole, LARGE Jenga, can jam, and spike ball. Sports will include basketball, soccer, flag football, home run derby, and hockey. The camp will be lead by ActivePlay's founder Seth Goldman (2008 All-Met Player of the year).

Musical Theater | July 22-26

Musical theater is a form of performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. Campers will learn music from shows such as Aladdin, Pippin, Annie, or The Lion King, and create a choreographed routine that will be performed for families on Friday afternoon. In every class, students can expect to warm up their voices, learn and/or review songs, videos, or other recordings, and practice dance steps.

Photography | July 15-19

Photography is the art of capturing images using light and composition. Using consumer cameras or more advanced digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, this class will give students a better grasp of how to use cameras to make beautiful images. Classes will feature in-class demonstrations, learning about successful photographers, and the development of a digital and physical portfolio. Campers will also learn about concepts such as ISO, exposure, shutter speed, f-stops, and aperture, and will practice photographing a variety of styles—from architecture and lifestyle to sports and portraiture.

Robotics: June 24-28 | July 1–5; July 8-12

This is the perfect class for children who like to tinker, problem-solve, and build things! Using LEGO Mindstorms NXT devices to practice assembly skills, campers will solve challenges alone and in collaboration with their teammates. By the end of the session, campers will apply their knowledge to programing these ingenious devices.

Scratch | July 15-19; July 22-26

In this class, children will use “Scratch” (MIT’s video game design platform) to create their own interactive games. Children will snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. This course promotes design thinking and one-to-one collaboration on real world problems and offers a comprehensive exposure to the Scratch programming platform. Please note this class is only available for campers ages 6-8.

Soccer | June 24-28; July 1-5

Soccer introduces fundamentals while also emphasizing play. There will be a brief game at the end of each practice so players can develop skills in teamwork as well. The class focuses on technical skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping, and scoring, and helps develop a sense of confidence on the field. Sportsmanship and team play will be reinforced in short matches at the end of each practice.

Tennis | July 1-5; July 8-12; July 15-19

WIS Summer Camp tennis is designed to develop children’s core skills at the beginning of each session and then allow them to apply lessons through games and observation. Each session will begin with a 15-minute warm up, then players will move on to learn mechanics and techniques such as serves and volleys. Players will end each session with matches between participants.

Counselor-in-Training | Ages 12 to 16

FULL DAY | 8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Two Sessions: June 24–July 12 and July 15–August 2

What does it take to be a leader? This special three-week leadership development program is designed for teens who want to become camp counselors. Using proven online training resources combined with classroom instruction and hands-on experience, CITs gain the skills needed to become every camper’s favorite counselor. Working with other teens, CITs learn effective teaching methods, sharpen their communication skills, and develop leadership competencies. They are engaged in all aspects of camp life—from supervising recess to accompanying campers to the pool and on field trips—as well as planning special activities for various age groups. Exploration of the different stages of child development, individual styles and needs, and health and safety rounds out the training program.