Yesterday, several Grade 6 students returned to the Primary School to talk to our Grade 5 students about the Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition, the capstone project of the PYP. Since they completed their Exhibition a little less than a year ago, these Grade 6 students were ready to talk about their experiences and give some advice to their younger peers. 

What did they have to say?

  • "Don't do Exhibition with your friends, because you'll be tempted to fool around and not get work done."
  • "If group members disagree about something, try to stay calm and look at both sides of the issue. You might realize that everyone is making a good point in some way."
  • "Don't procrastinate, or put off your work until later in the evening. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish."
  • "Try to create a schedule, and realize you might have to prioritize your work over other fun things."
  • "If I had to do it again... I would be more decisive and not worry so much about the little things."
  • "Focus on your research."
  • "Take notes during your interviews, otherwise you'll forget what was said."

We appreciate these Grade 6 students taking time out of their busy days to reconnect with their younger peers and offer such great advice. Best of luck to our Grade 5 students as you begin the PYP Exhibition process!