On February 15, our Grade 11 students held their TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Exhibition in the Black Box Theater. TOK is a required class in the IB Diploma Program and focuses on the question: "How do we know what we know?" The TOK Exhibition explores how TOK manifests in the world around us. For this task, students had to create an exhibition of three objects that connect to one of the 35 Internal Assessment (IA) prompts. Students selected just one IA prompt on which to base their exhibition, and all three objects had to be linked to the same IA prompt. In addition, students were encouraged to base their exhibition on one of the TOK themes (either the core theme of Knowledge and the Knower or one of the optional themes: Knowledge & Technology, Knowledge & Politics, or Knowledge & Language).

Tregaron students and faculty, and parents, attended the Exhibition today, speaking to the Grade 11 students about their prompts and what they have learned through the process.

Congratulations to our Grade 11 students on a job well done!