Standardized Testing

At WIS, we believe assessment practices need to be rigorous, diverse, and research-based. We believe the goal of assessment is to gather valuable information about teaching and learning, in order to support students and to inform instruction. WIS meaningfully assesses its students and curriculum using multiple measures, such as portfolios, observations, conferences, reading inventories, and report cards.

In addition to assessment measures used throughout the school, WIS students take standardized tests at several points during their educational journey.

WIS administers the ERB test to students in Grades 3 to 8 in order to:

  • inform teaching/instruction
  • help understand a student’s learning profile and support students’ growth
  • give students experience with taking a standardized test
  • provide parents with an external academic assessment of their children

In Grades 10 and 11, students have additional opportunities for standardized test preparation. WIS offers the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) and practice ACT to help students prepare for college admissions. The school also offers Advancement Placement (AP) tests in certain languages. At the conclusion of their Grades 11–12 IB Diploma Program, Grade 12 students participate in a series of exams over a three-week period.

It is essential to remember that a standardized test is only one measure of a student’s ability or progress and must be viewed as a part of the whole. The results are a snapshot of a child at a specific moment and provide a way to see areas of strength and areas for growth.