Children Are Citizens: Civic Agency in the Early Years


What happens when we see young children as citizens in their own right with ideas about how to make their community a better place?

How do we build a curriculum around truly listening to children’s ideas and honoring their voices?

How do we build agency in the early years through explorations of a community?

These questions and more will form the heart of the second annual Children Are Citizens: Civic Agency in the Early Years conference, to be held at Washington International Primary School on Sunday & Monday, October 6 & 7, 2019.

Come to Washington, DC, to learn from and alongside early childhood researchers from the world-renowned Project Zero; practitioners of Reggio-inspired approaches to teaching and learning in the early years; cultural institution partners; and colleagues from around the country and the world.

At this two-day conference, you will learn about the exciting Children Are Citizens initiative in Washington, DC, and other cities. You will see how the project has come to life in diverse classrooms, experience methods through which the arts, humanities, and sciences have been integrated into the curriculum, and have the opportunity to plan for starting something similar in your own setting.

Project Zero’s Mara Krechevsky and Ben Mardell, who originated this initiative and who have collaborated with educators in Reggio Emilia preschools for nearly two decades, will be keynote speakers over the two days.

The conference has been designed for educators in the early childhood to early elementary range.

Goals for the conference are to:

  1. Introduce and explore key principles of the Reggio-inspired Children Are Citizens project;
  2. Assist attendees in adapting Children Are Citizens to their own setting by building an action plan; and
  3. Build a network of early childhood-early elementary educators who can support one another beyond the conference in doing this important work.

The conference is being organized by the Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School.

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