English for Speakers of Other Languages: Ages 5 to 16

8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Weekly, June 26–August 4*

The Passport to Summer ESOL program offers travelers or residents the opportunity to study in Washington, DC for one or several weeks. There are two groups of ESOL campers: five-to-ten-year-olds and eleven-to-sixteen-year-olds. Campers in the younger group follow the activities of the other language immersion camps: make crafts, listen to music, and read stories in English, while learning basic expressions, words, and phrases, all following a weekly theme.

To increase familiarity and confidence with English, pre-teens and teenagers work in small groups in the classroom during the day, emphasizing oral communication. At various times during the week, they enhance their knowledge of American culture and apply what they have learned during excursions across the Washington, DC area. To determine English language proficiency and help us understand how to best form groups, campers take a brief assessment on the first day. ESOL campers also participate in hands-on workshops which afford them opportunities to interact with campers who are native English speakers. Ultimately, campers in this program learn English, make new friends from around the world, and discover some of the many sights around the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

During the week of July 31-August 4, all campers (including language learners) and staff will build an enormous cardboard city in the school gymnasium. During Cardboard City Week, campers make different parts of the city and learn their immersion language along the way. English speakers enrolled in specialty camps will either film the process or learn about architecture to assist with the construction of a major city building (to be decided by the group that week).

*August 7-11 is Transportation Week. For a description, click here.

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