Immersion: Ages 3 to 13

French, Spanish, or Chinese (Mandarin) 

Full Day, 8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Half Day, 8:45 AM–12:00 PM (optional for ages 3 to 5) 

Weekly, June 25–August 3*

At WIS Summer Camp, immersion campers are introduced to basic expressions, words, and phrases in the target language. If they are already proficient, instructors find ways to add to what they already know. Our Language Immersion Camps are designed for non-native speakers, but we welcome students of all levels, allowing them to explore language, customs, and cultures in an interactive project-based classroom. Forty-five minutes to an hour of sports and games at least twice a week are also part of the program.

We know people learn best when they do interesting things, so campers use their immersion language to craft, sing, dance, listen to and tell stories, and play games. Activities are structured to fit broad weekly themes and are designed to encourage thinking in another language and exposure to new cultures. By the end of their time at WIS, campers improve their familiarity with the immersion language by acquiring new expressions, words, and phrases; they also display increased cultural awareness about the countries/locations where the target language is spoken.

Students are divided by age into small groups to ensure maximum individual attention, with an eight-to-one student-teacher ratio. When possible, campers ages 6 to 11 are separated by proficiency levels, but they also take part in activities that combine beginners and more advanced students. This challenges beginners and gives experienced speakers the opportunity to help others in a nurturing and fun environment. As with all WIS language programs, teachers are native speakers.

*August 6-10 is Transportation Week. For a description, click here.

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