Explorers: Ages 6 to 11

8:45 AM–3:00 PM

Weekly, June 26–August 4*

At WIS Passport to Summer, Explorers learn how to cook, program a robot, write code, make 2-D or 3-D art, or discover new ways to move through dance, to imagine through architecture, or to tell stories using film. Curious campers apply what they know to further develop their skills individually or collaborate as a group. The twin goals are to succeed at new challenges in different situations and to learn a great deal along the way. Each week, campers will have the choice between two workshops encompassing a wide range of possible activities related to the central theme. Swimming, other sports, and games are part of the program and help Explorers enjoy some leisure time so they can make friends with others.

During the week of July 31-August 4, all campers will build an enormous cardboard city in the school gymnasium. Explorers will either film the process or learn about architecture to assist with the construction of a major city building (to be decided by the group that week).


2-D Art: July 10–14

Two-dimensional (2-D) art includes drawings, paintings, prints and more. Doodlers, visual communicators or children who just love to express themselves through art are encouraged to explore different media. Campers use shapes, colors, patterns, and lines to create sketches, drawings, collage pieces, and paintings inspired by the work of great artists from the past (and by their own imaginations!).   

3-D Art: July 17–21

Three-dimensional (3-D) art is about making things that take up space. Campers work with clay to make ceramic sculptures, mugs, elaborate bowls, or even miniature rooms or zany sculptures. Using tiles or glass, students will let their imaginations go free to create fashion jewelry pieces or anything they feel inspired to bring into the world.

Architecture: July 31–August 4

Participants in this class learn about architecture by working as a team to put together a large cardboard structure as part of the camp-wide effort during Cardboard City Week. They make decisions on the structure being built, arrive at a prototype, and, by the end of the week, produce a major structure that is part of the Cardboard City. Campers on the filmmaking track record them as they go through the process of producing the building.

Coding: July 10–14; July 17–21

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer, is known to have said, “I think everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Campers who enjoy working with computers, putting together character animations, and designing their own games program devices and become comfortable with the language of coding. By the end of the class they share their work and creations online with others.

Dance-A-Day: July 24–28

¿Puedes bailar? Campers who love dancing to the rhythm of great music are absolutely going to love this class! Dance-A-Day is an international exploration of movement from all over the world -- from salsa and hip hop to ballet and the lion dance. Campers become real life dancing machines, showing all their friends and family their smooth moves on the dance floor.

Filmmaking: July 24–28; July 31–August 4

Lights! Camera! Action! Filmmaking teaches campers the science behind the art! Using technology and software, students get to work with their own production crew to plan, create, edit, and showcase a short film. They also learn how to use video transitions, some filming techniques, and acquire industry language that might launch their journeys to professional filmmaking.

Global Kitchen: June 26–30; July 3–7

Young chefs chop up vegetables, mix flavors, and assemble attractive dishes. In Global Kitchen, campers go on a culinary journey to faraway places and share the exotic flavors of recipes from around the world. They also explore U.S. regional cuisines. Additionally, they learn the basics in kitchen safety, proper food handling, cooking and baking techniques, presentation, table setting, and even manners so they can enjoy each other’s company as they share a meal.

Robotics: June 26–30; July 3–7

This is the perfect class for children who like to tinker, problem-solve and build things! Using LEGO Mindstorms NXT devices to practice assembly skills, campers solve challenges alone and in collaboration with their teammates. By the end of the session, campers apply their knowledge to programing these ingenious devices.

*August 7-11 is Transportation Week. For a description, click here.

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