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A recent article from The Atlantic pondered the question "Why Back-to-School Season Feels Like the New Year" — even for adults who are not in the field of education. There Emily Richmond asks, "Why does autumn, which could reasonably be considered as foreshadowing only the dark days of winter, feel like a beginning?" I'll leave you to consider whether the author's points resonate with you.

As someone who has spent 60 straight years associated with schools, I'm wired to the cycle of a school year. But allow me to focus briefly on one aspect her piece barely touched upon: our association with each other, person to person. 

When the school year begins each August it's not only the rhythm of our daily schedules that changes, it's also our relationships. People we have not seen for months are back in our lives. And there are new students, parents, and colleagues to meet as well. Aside from relocating homes or changing jobs, most adults do not experience exposure to a large set of new people on a regular basis. It can be a bit intimidating — but also an incredible opportunity.

One of the reasons parents regularly cite for choosing a school such as WIS is exposure to a community of individuals with similar core values but with differing perspectives. They believe that they and their children will grow from these associations. Whether our differences lie in language, culture, nationality, prior countries of residence, or worldview, we recognize that we have exceptional chances to learn from each other.

So I hope you will take advantage of the many ways you can get to know other members of the WIS community. Introduce yourself to someone you don't know at a WIS event. Play basketball or soccer at WIS on Saturdays. Attend the monthly parent meetings. Volunteer! Join us at upcoming all-school events such as the International Dinner on November 4, the Financial Aid Auction on March 3, and the Bazaar on April 14.

If I have not yet met you, person to person, I look forward to doing so soon.

Posted by clayton.lewis on Wednesday September 20 at 05:29PM
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