The WIS library program supports the educational goals of the School, and encourages the love of reading and learning. In our facilities, classes meet for research and academic pursuits, and members of the school community come to browse, read, study, and explore.

Our unified library catalog combines two unique collections: one for Preschool through Grade 5 on the Primary School campus, and one for Grades 6 to 12 at Tregaron Campus. The library collection includes thousands of volumes in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. These materials are selected to support the curricula at all levels, as well as to promote pleasure reading for all ages.

Online research is possible through 12 proprietary databases in three languages, in addition to the Internet. Students and faculty have remote access and can search the library catalog or use these databases from home or anywhere in the world. The entire WIS community – students, faculty, staff, parents – is welcome to borrow WIS library materials located on either campus.

Library teaching staff work closely with classroom and information technology teachers to plan and offer content-based classes to all students in our library instructional program. The program encourages curiosity and development of the sound skills and judgment necessary for academic research and for life in an information-rich world. Our goal is for WIS students of all ages to become competent, independent learners, comfortable with diverse views and able to explore new ideas effectively.


Primary School Library: 202.243.1760

Tregaron Library: 202.243.1854

Lauren Olson
Research and Media Specialist
Tregaron Campus

Jaime Chao Mignano
Learning and Technology Coordinator
Tregaron Campus

Sue Anderson
Primary School 

Doris Clingman
Assistant Librarian
Primary School

Anouk van Aanholt
Learning and Technology Coordinator
Primary School
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