Upper School

In the Upper School, in Grades 9-10, students continue with a multidisciplinary course of study and also begin specializing in preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The Diploma Program is a challenging university preparatory course of study for the final two years of high school and is among the most comprehensive and intellectually stimulating secondary school programs offered anywhere in the world.

Students in Grades 9-10 take six core subjects in each of those two years as well as two elective courses chosen from an array of options. The six core subjects are:  

  • English; 
  • Second Language (Dutch, French, or Spanish); 
  • Mathematics; 
  • Science (students choose two among Biology, Chemistry and Physics but have the option to take a third science); 
  • Social Science (three semesters of History and one of Geography are required, with an option to take a full year of Geography in Grade 10); and 
  • Physical Education/Lifeskills.

Students must also take two semesters in the arts as part of the graduation requirement. 

In Grade 10, students complete a major endeavor called the Grade 10 Project, which allows for independent exploration of a topic of personal interest. It may be an artistic production, an original design, or another means of expression. Students set a learning goal and, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, develop a realistic plan for achieving that goal.

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