Middle School

In Grades 6-8, students develop skills and knowledge that lead to deeper understanding of the topics being taught in each subject area. WIS teachers continue to put an emphasis on inquiry and on helping students make connections with other disciplines and with the larger world. The academic program in the Middle School encourages students to explore, to connect, to empathize, and to create.

Students entering the Middle School engage in a child-centered, global-minded curriculum that aims to provide the discipline, standards, skills, creativity, and flexibility to aid a student’s growth toward self-awareness, self-reliance, and responsible participation in a diverse society. They take seven core subjects each year (technology skills are integrated into these courses) and one elective, chosen from an array of options. The seven core subjects are: 

  • English; 
  • Second Language (French or Spanish); 
  • Mathematics; 
  • Science; 
  • Humanities (History and Geography combined); 
  • Physical Education/Health; and 
  • Arts (Visual Art/Music).


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